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When your electrical distribution panel must be replaced?

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Have you ever tried to find out about how your home electrical system works? When you switch on the fan, it automatically starts and we simply love the mechanism, but we don't go in details as it is the task of an electrician or a local electric board, isn't it? Let's dive in today to know about the home electrical system.

There is an electrical distribution panel in your home's electricity board that receives power from the national grid and through it, the power is distributed throughout your electrical appliances such as fans, lights and plugs. In addition to that, circuit breakers play a pivotal role in preventing your appliances from burning in case of power surges by automatically disconnecting the circuits.

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If you have an old home with an old electrical power distribution system, you need to do something about it. If you notice that your electrical panel does not function properly or takes time to function, there might be malfunctioning issues with the panel and it might invite a number of issues such as the burning of electronic devices, blackout or electrical fires. You cannot ignore these warning signs. However, for that, you need to understand those warning signs first. Here are some of them:

Malfunctioning of circuit breakers

If you notice regular malfunctioning of circuit breakers, it is time to pay attention. When the electrical distribution panel starts wearing down, frequent episodes of disconnected circuits become a norm. Another reason for this tripping of circuit breakers is due to low capacity of the panel to handle your current home electricity needs. If you find such episodes multiple times during a week, you need to hire an electrician to check the electrical safety.

The breakers don't reset

When the breakers malfunction, you can reset them and it would work fine. However, even after resetting them, they don't resume their duties or fail to activate the devices, it clearly shows a faulty electrical panel. It is highly recommended to hire an electrician to inspect the panel and replace or repair it before the situation worsens.

Electric fires in the panel

When the panel is faulty and starts wearing down, the wires would expose and burn too. However, you will not be able to notice it unless you are near to the panel. However, you will notice a foul odor of burning and it is a clear sign of a faulty electrical distribution panel. Also, you might witness some small burn marks around the panel which clearly show that the panel is not healthy. Ask for an emergency electrical service in such case and replace the panel as soon as possible.

Your lights dim or flicker while using other appliances

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When the current electrical panel does not have the capacity to handle the new, increased need for energy, it will start creating problems. When you operate any high voltage appliances, you will notice that your lights dim or flicker and it is not a good sign. This is often witnessed in the old homes where the energy requirements are high and the panel has not been updated since its construction. In such cases, the electrical power distribution system must be updated for better power management. You can add a few outlets and circuit breakers to solve the issue.


If you are living in an old home and you have not updated your electrical power distribution system since years and you notice these warning signs, it is imperative that you hire an electrical service provider and do the panel inspection and if necessary, replace or repair the electrical panel. An unattended electrical panel might invite some serious troubles such as deadly electrocution, a burnt power outlet, melted electric wiring and others.

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